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What you think this is;
it isn't
what was once here, knit;
has folded
leaves of breath
beads of sweat (more)
       It isn't easy to think of something good with a poorly selected trigger like this. They say a writer should be able to expound on anything, but there are some limits aren't there? If you expect me to write 300 words based on the words "it isn't" without(more)
If they don't kill us, then what?
Just shut up, ok? Obviously I don't have the answer.
Seriously! If this batch doesn't kill us, then what? Are we just going to run forever?

I swear to god I'm going to shoot you if you don't shut up.
It isn't how they think of me, it's how I might believe them.

It isn't the mistakes I've made, but how I don't seem to change.
"It isn't words," they say, "but actions that matter." Your actions, those I understand. The way you let me know you by choosing a puddle rather than the dry curb. How you carry your dog, nearly as big as you, when his joints hurt. The quickness in which you(more)
"It isn't enough," she tells him. "It isn't enough."

"What's not enough?" he asks. "It isn't enough that I'm there for you? It isn't enough that I care? It isn't enough I run to help you? It isn't enough that I give you my share?"

She shakes(more)