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Things always pile down on you when you don't want them to. At your wit's end, with the razor blade to your neck, sweat pooling down your back, you think "I can't do this shit anymore" and that's when it happens. Things don't clear up. You don't get a(more)
Sitting under the makeshift shelter provided sort of a comforting room. The fire quickly warmed the area, in spite of the cool winter threatening to overcome the night. I sat, humming quietly a song to myself that I had learned to sing before "The Tot". Although I was so(more)
My lover and I talk about the “windows” of our souls. It’s pillow talk, but the best kind of pillow talk. Instead of a constant refrain of “I love you” or You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” I prefer the “windows of our souls”  being open to(more)
Invisible are the demons that play summer melodies in my head.
In December, the fog rolls in and stays.  January is when Souji starts seeing the shadows.

The first one was shapeless; they'd seen countless numbers of them in the TV world, shadows that had not yet coalesced into their true forms.  It's hard to make out in the fog, but(more)
the invisible demons
that remind of death