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was right about

You were right to wait. She said she wasn’t interested in you in that way. You listened to the voice inside your head that said in a surprisingly clear voice, “Back off, be patient, this one is worth waiting for.”
So an intense(more)
My towels are stained from her mania.

Whether it be her blood from cutting or paint from splattering.

I dry my body off with them. (more)
It was like a scene from The Dawn Of The Living Dead.  His eyes were sunken and darkened.  His skin had a look of a well beaten Bodhrán.  He felt itchy and irritable and was unable to focus, speak, move, think, care, or breath.  OK, he could breath but that was only because(more)
Darkness. Light - brief, blinding - playing across the wall from the high beams of a passing car; shouldn't even be on, not in this weather.

Millions of static dots shrieking from the ceiling, like a bad television pickup.

When he closes his eyes - geometric pattern(more)
As I lay there I wondered how long more I would have to lie there to make it seem like a reasonable time to get up.  It was mid-Summer and the rising sun streamed through the gap where my curtains didn't quite meet.  I wished I could just roll over.  Have another(more)
How long has it been...three days? Four?
If this thing is spinning at a constant rate...and it seems to be constant... using that star there in the distance as a reference point...It's been...ugh...too long...
insomniac's bed
constipatee's toilet and
lover's selfish heart
I must be an isomniac because i stay up all night trying to figure you out. I over think about what i'm going to and how i'm going todo it... why cant i just stop thinking and sleep... i"m afraid to sleep because i'm afraid if i close my(more)