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Before I met her, I thought about getting a tattoo - deep, dark, and near the heart. I thought about a lot of things, then, during high school and shortly thereafter, when I felt the most alone. Many of them were deep and dark as the hypothetical tattoo, none(more)
She has no hair falling from the hollowed-out top of her head. Only ink, black as a starless sky and spilling out like water from a pot.
the entirety of my eyes turn black, like pools of ink they well up, swollen to their fullest capacity with the density of nighttime, perfectly reflective, a shape a sound a splinter buried deep within your thumb; every time you run your fingers against the seams of your shirt(more)
the ink on my palms will not wait for me. the dark india ink runs between the lines of my palms, illuminating the trees etched into them, until it drips, drips, drips between the tiny folds lining the side of my palms and onto my jeans.  
i raise m(more)
Devon was scared. He had agreed to come on this trip because he thought he could get a lot of weed, for not a lot of money. He hadn't thought he would be sitting down in the thugged out living room of the fucking LA Kings. But he played(more)
What really sucked was when Masayoshi had to wake up extra-early because some photographer wanted to do a sunrise publicity shoot and he completely forgot about it until his alarm went off at quarter till four in the morning. Gotou didn't even open his eyes, he just shoved Masayoshi(more)
They use hard sticks filled with a synthetic sort of dark liquid to take notes, he notes. He only watches them when their back is toward him, when he can freely roll onto his side and prop himself on an elbow and watch without blinking. But as soon as(more)
Yukari was lying on her back on the floor of Mitsuru's room, a sheet spread out beneath her and Mitsuru kneeling at her side, holding a calligraphy brush in her hand. "That's such a nice brush," Yukari said, hyperfocusing on it to keep her mind off the way her(more)