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I don't know why or how it happened, but a few weeks ago, when I wasn't paying attention, life got away from me and took my words with it.
I know.
Shit happens.
Now please, don't get the wrong idea. (more)
"Well," Said the man in the top hat,"That was inexplicable." The pair stared at the strange girl as she faded into the horizon.

"Hmm," Said the man in the bowler hat, "Yes, quite."
Chaos. Turmoil. This rush of feeling. It puts me on edge as if something is coming, something big, something bad. It is a prelude to emotion, one chance to change the fate that is racing my way. My one moment to run, get out of the way, before it(more)
Something really beautiful happened last summer. All the pain and the loneliness went away when I met you. I didn't believe in soul mates but something drew me to you.  
I took it slow with you and that was a fresh change. From the first time my lips met(more)
Jack rolled over to look upon the form of the sleeping stranger. It wasn't the same any more. Where there used to be inexplicable pleasure, he was now filled with a sinking emptiness and a chill that could not be warded off by any amount of warm blankets.
Crows flew from the drain as Casey strode nearer to it. She heard the mewling cries of something below the grating as she jogged past and decided it was odd enough to investigate. Casey was permanently curious.  
Jerry owns a cat. He purchased the cat a long time ago, and plays with the cat every day. They play tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, build-and-destroy, and other equally exciting games. Jerry always wins. Jerry's cat is athletic, but is not very bright. He tends to fall a lot, and slides(more)
The shot rang out. It hit me before I could hear it. A bullet to my chest. Clean shot. My legs collapsed underneath me. I was on my back and waiting for the world to close in around me. I felt no panic. I felt no pain. Only a(more)
Henry's world is tinged in yellow, a dark and disillusioned color in the darkness of Corbin's bedroom. It clashes with the deep azures and velvety reds draped everywhere. The Maddoxes' manor is the very picture of modern-day Aurorian decadence, and it would make Henry sick if he weren't so(more)
The flax-counter has eighteen minutes remaining, when it hits zero I will be dead. No time to think, only to act.

I knew that tripping the prox-sense would result in my immediate termination, it's common knowledge; but I have to warn them. They must know. They must be(more)
The whole situation was completely inexplicable, and even now I struggle to think about it without acquiring a sharp headache. Of all the people in the world, it still astonishes me that it was you, all along. I remember that overcast Tuesday evening by the bay as if it(more)

If there was one reason for religion to be around, it would be to answer that question. Any question that you think can be answered will always have a 'why' tagging along.

Why do colours exist? They exist because of how our eyes work. Why do(more)
Imagine yourself as the glucose molecule floating within the extracelluar matrix.  You find yourself drawn towards the cell wall of a prokaryotic cell, looks like a typical E.coli.  You enter the cell wall with ease using one of of the various protein transport pumps that are made specifically for the t(more)
Saline coats lips
like it floats ships
crisp the air is swift
silent down to the crickets

open the door to a monty hall (more)
Mysteries are solved every day, but we refuse to listen. People like to cling to the inexplicable, the unknown. Maybe this time it wasn't a gruesome murder. Maybe she faked her own death and is living a quiet and peaceful life somewhere and all her dreams have come true.(more)