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He communicates poorly. Every writer starts somewhere. Endings take care of themselves. One way or another. We regret to inform you. Words fail me often. Happy Father's Day. What were the last words spoken by mine? Success is on the other side of the river. My daughter's sleeping. I'll(more)
In pursuit of perfection
I bury your face, along with the memories
Between a pile of terrible grades and middle school dances
Bring out the smiles, the laughter
Fill every silence with words (more)
You tell me all these things
That I'm worthless
Horrid (more)
What I am,
What the world is,
And what we are to each other.

Everything that I touch decomposes into a thousand tiny shards that itch and scathe the contours of my brain like shredded fiberglass.

When I think of the world, I think of scraping minutiae.(more)
I could hear the howling start. Fuck, shit, damn. I pulled my parka closer and started to walk faster. My boots crushed autumn leaves, the sound like bacon on the stove. It was getting dark quickly - too quickly. I shouldn't have been in the woods in the first(more)
I feel drunk
Maybe I am
Maybe I'm not
Ok fine i am a little drunk but hey it cant hurt
Only heal the wounds
The scars on my arms and the scars on my heart (more)