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it was easy to imagine the inside of my mind like the twisted scrawl showing anger on the saturday morning cartoons
or spilled milk, drainage sewer, something clogged that should be shifting
but my distraction, for the longest time, was my peers. i would watch the corners of their(more)
the worst things are not without
but within.
within your mind is
give or take
yes or no
stay or go (more)
  People agitate me. Every movement I make, every word I say, will it be taken differently from what I mean by it? Oh, I hate the paranoia of judging eyes and judging tongues, gauging whatever slips from my lips with draconian criticisms.  Yet all I want is for everyone to(more)
i call her Beth.
She lives in my head and tells me to do stuff.
bad stuff.
like swallowing the pills
or pulling the trigger
or climbing to the top of the highest building (more)
these parasitic thoughts that consume me infiltrate my head and i can't stop that. and you try to suck the demons out of my soul and you can't. they've been here a long time, before you even knew me, before you even knew of the idea of me.
It had startled her the first time it happened. She had been sitting on her couch in the living room. She knew she was alone, had double locked the front door of her apartment. So when she suddenly heard footsteps in her kitchen she jumped with alarm.
"Oh. Oh shit."

"...what did you do."

"Uh, you remember that dart that was supposed to tranquilize the target?"


"Well, my aim might've been slightly off."

"Oh god, please tell me you're-"

"On the bright side he's definitely not going to blackmail(more)
much concrete matters
fussing around in your head
I am abstraction
in your head
it must be perfectly ok
to whisper words of love
and songs of forever
and leave the next day
"rue the days you lead me on!"
i screamed, intent to have you gone
"i'll ne'er allow you free from me-"
but creep inside your mind to be
forever unforgettable,
identical to your own pull; (more)
Your head is a wonderful place to retreat to, a wonderful place to relax and calm yourself. You can be in control there, regardless of what's happening outside of you. You can imagine cool, clear waves crashing onto the warm sands of a pristine beach. You can imagine sliding(more)
Everything. Is. Mental.

Your panic attacks, the stress threatening to bury you, those momentary lapses in concentration -

Focus harder. That's all it is. Everything. Is. Mental.

The anxiety over tests, the worry about friendships and relationships, pain over an old, strained muscle -
So what's in your head?, said the shrink in a tone that felt like he didn't want to be there.

The patient stared.  His eyes were deep wells of emotion and he knew he could penetrate the shrink's essence in seconds if he desired.  He was only here because they(more)
Of all the things on Earth, your mind is the one thing you can never escape from. Like a swallow trapped in a cage, it remains in your head throughout life and death. It is your constant companion. Who needs friends, or family, or acquaintances of any type for(more)