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We were lost in the woods.

"Some shortcut, Krayg!" Tixen's green eyes flashed.

"Relax," I said. "Krayg, find some kindling. Night's coming."

Soon we were huddling around the flames.

"Now," I said, "a spell to read the stars... Where did my wand go? Krayg, what(more)
"What do you mean?"
My throat burns and my voice comes out scratchy.
"Unprepared for what?"
She ignores me although maybe she just can't hear my shouting over the howling wind outside of our protective bubble. Which makes no sense.
She has no problem knowing what I'm thinking, s(more)
It was a beautiful day.
The sun shone down gently, and the wind through the trees was a sweet music to her ears.
She was lying on the towel in her swimsuit, working on her tan. Although, to be honest, there wasn't much left to work on. Her sk(more)
lost in the words you spoke so many months, weeks, hours ago
echoing dark and scary
bouncing in recesses of my mind
tip-toeing through the corners
stomping in the brush (more)