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There was something hypnotically soothing about sitting in the cafe, something that made your problems vaporize like coffee steam.

He stirred his coffee with cream clockwise three times, and then counterclockwise. The smell wafted up to his nose, clearing away the scent of her perfume.

He wasn'(more)
Fingers of daylight close
like an empty fist.
The city is darker than black.
The day's almost midnight
and secrets have been passed.
Drunken words for a sober mind. (more)
I sit alone in the cafe down the street. I miss you so much. I wring my wrists as I fight back the tears. I remember sitting in this cafe 40 years ago. I was freshly 25, and you were 27. You came in and wooed me with your(more)
"No smokin'" I read aloud. I lit up a cigarette anyway - I knew the owner and he can usually let these things slip by. I'm glad he invited me out tonight. 'said there's a new lady with a voice so sweet and mellow that it would "make you(more)
The serenity was almost palpable before the explosion ripped through the quiet, corner cafe.  For a split second, you could almost feel a shift in the air pressure.  Particles in the air that would normally grace a persons skin without even giving the slightest hint of knowledge they existed suddenly pr(more)