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Something is going to happen soon.
Something momentous. Something huge.
Everything is going to converge.
Everything is going to change.
I can feel it in my bones.
you woke me,
in my being.
you broke me,
and released me.
climbing above my rib cage,
and settling right atop my collar bones. (more)
You break in ways that leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Shivering and ice cold, you cling to him in the dark. He'd stormed in so quick that the beer bottle had dropped, and now it has spilled at your feet. He's warm, and solid, and he(more)
I always thought that when the right time came, love would be easy.

Previously I had been miserably bad in love, but still I was so sure, so certain, that with a right person, in a right time, love would be smooth sailing and clear skies.
She lost a bone. Of /course/ she lost a bone. After all, chicken bones are friggin' tiny, and she kind of had her hands full what with carrying two other pairs of shoes along with a giant metal staff. It was probably two days after leaving the house of(more)
You're everywhere, all around me. You gently caress my face the way the night breeze strokes the blades of grass when we lie together on the bed, a film playing in the background. Every touch, every kiss, I feel it. I feel it in my bones. It's a marvelous(more)
The bad feeling in my bones didn't leave for days. I wanted to tell her about it but I couldn't. She couldn't know that about me or she would leave as fast as she could pack and call a cab. She was a very efficient packer. I would have(more)
sometimes, when the stars are up in the sky and you are probably asleep, love will come and find me in the dead of the night. love will hit me hard in the stomach and leave me breathless. i will feel it in my bones, running through my veins,(more)
the year is 2341. global warming has taken full effect, nuclear power plants are melting, and people are become more horrifyingly mutated every decade.

everything's radioactive, supposedly. there are shelters underground that provide protection from toxic fumes. i live in one. it is so boring and we follo(more)
There are so many things
That affect me
In ways I can feel
All the way down
To my core
Pain so deep
I can feel it down to my core
My legs, my arms, back and in my bones
She kicked my ass
All I want to do is lose weight
My trainer, via youtube, did what she's supposed to do
But I feel the burn in m(more)
Lovino could feel the music reverberating in his very bones. The soft strum of a guitar, the melodic voice with that maddening Spanish tilt. It drove him wild. Antonio would often sit up against that tree on summer afternoons, lazily tapping his foot as he strummed something along, pants(more)
Let it sink in quietly, with not much of a fuss. Absorbs, dissipates, gets swallowed up completely. Like nothing.
Push a pulse darkly, throb a thought so red.
Skinned. Corrupts and corrodes soft, warm, tender flesh.
Muscle memory makes it hard to stand still.
Doesn't hurt at all.
I felt it late one night. Just this insidious slithering feeling, coming from somewhere in the vicinity of my body. I let it go, since after a couple moments, it ceased. I went to sleep, deciding to check and see about it in the morning.
When I got up,(more)
i feel it, i feel it, i feel it in my bones and i just dont think i can hold it anymore the river is rising flowing out of me and im coming alive, coming alive im gunna dance and sing and move my feet and i forget the(more)