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i've been cataloging your smiles,
just thought you ought to know-

like that one you reserve
for when it rains
or the one for when it snows, (more)
This is you. 3 AM. The city is blinking away tears of red and blue, its bright lights blurring everything else--streets, buildings, people. People's faces blur until they're not human anymore. You are not sure if you are human anymore.
Corbin is judged discreetly, behind doors and curtains and walls. He has one window, which looks out into the garden in which he grew up. The tree he fell from when he was five is right in view, five meters away; even farther is the wall that encircles his(more)
I've clearly committed some sort of faux pas if the glare you're giving me is any hint.

I shrug it off and smile at you, and toss a small wave in for good measure, but to no avail -- you're still glaring determinedly at me.

I w(more)
We lay wounded and facing the sea. Above us, marble columns were falling. I told her I loved her, and her eyes looked at me roundly, like candies. Two of them, and pretty.

In the moment before the smashing of our skulls, I tried to embody her gaze(more)
Henry looked awful. He was filthy and one side of his face and both hands were covered with angry boils. Jake approached with caution. Henry motioned him next to the diesel unit that was powering the Whirly ride. Probably, Jake reasoned, to keep their conversation private. Henry looked crazed(more)
I was held in judgement - suspended like a museum specimen in a forgotten drawer. These days I lost control so easily.

My will was a petrified forest, turned by anger. I could not recall the last time I had seen something clearly. Casting for salvation I caugh(more)
I wish that those thoughts could be kept in a court
and not the casual mind
of peers and mentors.

But sadly, I see it in their eyes
and exasperated sighs (more)
Gramma sat in judgement in her favorite chair.  We said our thanks to God by turns down the length of the dining room table.  When the last one had finished, Gramma said 'May not the devil take my boys' and, as if to signal us, she took her napkin from the(more)
Martin stood carefully, focusing on proper demeanor. His father was next to him, paunch puffed up under his waistcoat in importance, looking proudly on the sickening scene before them. Occasionally, his head would bob nervously as he glanced at the Lord and smiled in an ingratiating manner.

When the crystal ball had predicted Jake's death, Al felt relief. He wouldn't die soon, and, more importantly, Marceline wouldn't either.

"We should get rid of it," said Paul. "It might be killing us."

"No," said Al, "It just predicts them. It's better to know."

She heard it before she saw it.

The disdain. The holier-than-thou attitude. It was a scoff and squeaking of shoes in the opposite direction. It was the faint, "We'll loop around" from the wife or girlfriend.

Her eyes followed the downward motion of her curling toes at(more)
To the run of the mill bake sale sellers who make pastries cakes and cookies the checkered cotton table cloth that shifts from side to side, reflects in their eyes with dollar sized looks and the quarter hands ticking, tapping their fingernails  
I spent the evening lost in judgement, amidst the gossamer snow. Tiny ornaments strung on the caress of the wind, nervous and pale, they danced a dismal song, humming softly with blushing cheeks and daring not to touch. I'd reach and beckon into the empty air.
Perhaps, one woul(more)
The path to judgment lies on a dust trodden path flanked by sycamores which, after many miles,  gives way to clearing of stamped tundra. The pilgrimage is identical for each traveler; the destination is unique for each traveler.