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My therapist tells me to start dating. He says I need to mix it up a little more. Put myself out there. "You'll never know if you have feelings for someone," he says, "unless you actually try to get to know them." It makes sense. I know he's right.(more)
"Are you sure?"

She looked down to the streets below, cars rushed past, people sidestepped out of each others way in annoyance.

In good faith, I'll grow up to help people, knowing that no one tried to help me when I was passed out drunk on the side of a wet, muddy, apartment building
"October 28"

Pushed you into the world
  morphed (more)
She was lost, just like every other teenage girl. She wanted to think she was different, she was more lost than others, she had it harder than all the rest but she didn't and she knew she didn't. Every Monday through Friday from 7:15 to 2:00 she'd go to(more)
We are born with a clean slate; completely wiped clear and given to us. What we do with it is ours: we can either let the things in life bring us down or let it take over. We are all given a chance to live life, equally.
Can't Help

I promise you this,
I can't help you with your path,
My writing can not help you,
With the answers of your life. (more)
Don't do drugs
Don't give hugs
It will stop your breath
And lead you to death
Don't be a thug
Fall back asleep
And forget the pain of yesterday.
Fall back asleep
And avoid the pain of today
But you must wake up and face the day
So you can go back asleep later (more)

This mic is my weapon
my emotions are bullets
every rhyme is a trigger
my hearts the one that pulls it (more)
in good faith i would repent thy sins and heal thy soul, but i shall not besmerch thy name. but i shall never repeat thy sins.
i like her
she is beautiful and she has a good personality

but she is not the one for me

she constantantly leaves the toilet bowl open even after taking a dump
uses my toothbrush
and drools on the pillow
and with my ocd it doesnt workout(more)
I've never been a proponent of good faith. You can never tell how someone will swing and if the bastard is sour, there's no use. It's like a shooter of frustration after a pint of absinthe; its better to leave it in the bottle.
In good faith...

Yeah, right. Good faith.

Phantom laughed bitterly. Good faith. Faith never seemed to work for him. Not now, not ever. He had faith in his and Aria's relationship. In Freud's survival. In the tiny chance that he and Luminous could be friends. And, yet(more)
Joey held his faith.

Even when his '96 Honda Accord Sedan crushed the rear of a large station wagon carrying a newborn on her way home from the hospital, Joey trusted Him. The 8 seconds of internal bleeding weren't enough to shatter such a sacred pact.