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Monitors beeped a monotonous drone, nurses and aides shuffled about, the room draped with the shade of defeat. She laid on the table, naked and exposed, IV lines left in veins that no longer pumped with blood. A tech began peeling off EKG leads, and a janitor pushed wrappers(more)
In español Who makes these triggers? You'd have to be a master literary novelist to come up with 300 words that are worth reading all on the topic of "In Spanish". Either this is a very helpful way to spark creativity and odd ball ideas.
To whom it may concern,

There are people after me. I don't know who, but I know they are. My evidence is not as solid as I'd hope it to be, but I've found small microphones around my apartment, and cameras in my television and computer. I dismantled(more)
No puedo escribir en español muy bien. Pero quiero tratar. Solamente quiero tratar.

Vocales y consonantes son pedazos de palabras. Palabras son pedazos de frases. Frases son pedazos de ideas, y los ideas son  un parte de ser humano.

Es difícil ser vivo porque necesitamos comprender un mund(more)
She asked me to say it in spanish,
So i stole her car.
"Say it again," Alex demands breathlessly, a pleased hum at the back of his throat as his lover nips at his ear. "C'mon man, put that gorgeous mouth of yours to good use."

His lover smiles and leans in for a kiss. "How cruel," Jose murmurs when the(more)
She looks up at me with pleading eyes. I know she wants something. She is desperate. Her eyes are wild, and filled with the horrors of her burning, crumbling world.
She cries out wildly. Terrified, nearly mad. I cannot understand a word she says, but it doesn't matter. The(more)
      There was something seriously messed up with Bobby. He'd met this girl, what, 3 days ago. And now he was in Brazil, with her, because she had booked a modeling job. It was alien to him but he seriously believed he was in love with this girl. Or maybe(more)
how do you describe emptiness
in Spanish?
would it be just the same as always?
as in English?

how do you describe the hollowness (more)