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I am so incredibly dense. Take a look at the little avatar I chose. Alice, of course. See what she's holding? A key.
Do you see a keyhole?
I don't. (more)
The Reality Shifter awoke with fear. He had lost control -- again -- and he was beginning to wonder and worry why. He settled back into his bed, relaxing, easing himself back into sleep. He felt his mind awaken once more, this time within his unconscious.
It was dark backstage, and quiet. The Amazing Raymundo could hear the murmers of the crowd beyond the curtain, could feel the butterflies in his stomach that never quite went away, no matter how many shows he did.  
Half his face was covered-
he had to be hiding something-
beneath that dark blue hair.
When they kissed she was
smothered, drowned.
i look up to the shimmering sky, the sun beating down in the sweltering desert. i lick my lips, but no saliva stays, leaving them bone-dry. i climb the towering sand dunes, searching, hoping for water. but i know my chances for surviving is merely an illusion...
They walk among us, and you'd never know. Typical smiles, eyes.. however, alluring personalities.  The sudden laugh is somehow intoxicating, and you forget that you didn't know this person just moments before. Maybe you know this, but you find yourself not caring, actually. You relish in the attention. That perso(more)