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Lovino's fairly certain that Gilbert would leave if he knew he was falling for him.

It wasn't supposed to happen like that. He was the desirable one, the one everyone wanted. But he was still stuck at fourteen and no matter how long Gilbert had been fucking hi(more)
It was ageless, timeless, a continuing existence long before the inception of humankind, one who'd remain long after its downfall.

And yet.
if only you knew,
what my mind goes through,
at the sight of the moon,
when I have thoughts of you.
we dance hand in hand,
around the glowing light; (more)
you wouldn't love me.

He is a keeper of secrets throughout the centuries, from one life to the next. Rare is the life where he bears his burden visibly, unfolding his wings, smiling with sharp teeth, or showing his feathers. Even when he meets the One, he can'(more)
If you knew, you'd gasp.  That feeling you get when your stomach is about implode and no amount of hyperventilating can make you forget the pain.  But you don't.  Perhaps we should keep it that way.  Painful realities aren't for everybody - not everyone can handle it.

What would you do if you knew all the world's secrets? The hidden pharaoh tombs that were long forgotten, the ancient jewels buried underneath thousand years of untouched land? The unsolved mysteries of unexplained disappearances, the unexplored deep ocean wonders? All that knowledge, right in the palm of your(more)
She laughed in all the right places and smiled freely. Her drink was in her hand and she sampled an appetizer with the other. Her friends remembered that party with fondness for a long time after. Remembered how fun Brenda was that night and wasn't she always just the(more)
What would you do if you knew?

What if you knew the truth. The absolute truth about everything. What if you knew there was or was not a god? Would you wake tomorrow and do anything differently?

What you do if you woke up tomorrow and wer(more)
If only you knew
that everything happens for a reason
the sun goes down, but it always comes back up
and broken hearts aren’t hard to mend .

If only you knew (more)
Four times Arthur checked his email, and four times he found it so cluttered with junk that anything personal was choked out, like a lone flower competing against a cluster of weeds.  When he finally found the energy to skim, dull eyes blinking against a lackluster light cast onto sallow(more)
Another wave crashed against the skiff as it teetered precariously on the edge of the reef. The green water cascaded over the bow as Jose gave the yamaha outboard another crank. It spit and sputtered, refusing to turn to over. The rocky outcroppings of the shoreline ominously gaped like(more)
"If you knew what I'd done..." The eagle eyed man had been murmuring- something I wasn't meant to hear? I leaned close
over the desk, and suddenly his gaze was seared into mine, calculating, cold; he was trying to judge if I heard- but who cared if I had.(more)