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D& K Corner Market gave credit, so we shopped there.

I'd look at the magazines while my mother filled her basket."Rolling Stone", "Spin", a furtive peek at "Heavy Metal" if no one was nearby.

Audrey behind the counter had laser vision, despite her foggy glasses and wrink(more)
The church stood, like any other in this part of town, between a small park and two more square miles of suburban sprawl.  The interior gave no impression of extraordinariness, just the usual mass-produced stained-glass depicting the stations of the cross, the stale, pungent incense odor, and the waxy pews(more)
He knew by now that none of the words he knew, in any combination, would explain to them that this is how how gardens are kept, how history is built. They didn't want to hear it, and they would yell and curse his name. But this is how things(more)
as an icon, i fear
iconoclasts, the bored,
and obscurity.
He jabs at my beliefs with innuendos and slurs.  I have given up trying to reach him.  He twists each statement of faith into an ugly, slithering mass of doubt and unbelief.  
  I walk by faith in those things that are holy.  I believe in holiness and truth, heaven and (more)
He awoke for the fifth time, no unconscious moment stood between him and the monolith that was the foundation upon which humankind had placed all it's hope. He looked around at the other members of this small boarding party. Two members of the Axis were with him to ensure(more)