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Hunt & gather all the truth,
hunt & gather my peace.
Hunt & gather all the benefits,
hunt & gather my needs.

We search like thieves, in a world filled with greed,
but we are all seeds in the garden of belief.

So lets all jus(more)
I hunt and gather the right words to express you.
I couldn't bare saying the wrong thing,
I obsess over the details,
I overlook the fact that you walked away ages ago,
Though you came back for a moment,
Only to love me once, (more)
It's getting dark, and my fire is going out. The snow is beginning to fall, and I don't think I will be able to gather any more fire wood for the night. I twisted my ankle when I tripped coming back down the hill while I was trying to(more)
hunt & gather,
these thoughts of you.
burn, (more)
The sunlight streamed in through my window, as I hesitated to open my eyes to a new morning. I would have to get ready eventually, might as well get up sooner than later, but first a shower. It took me ten minutes to get ready for the day, when(more)
It was brighter than the sun.  

I remember being inside that crummy classroom, worrying about things that don't matter now. How I was going to get the kids to start taking me seriously. How I'm going to afford another baby. How at 43 I'm starting to get old. (more)
"Shit man."  "We hunt and gather all day everyday".  "Walking in these here mountains will do some shit to you brother."  "I know huh?"

"But hey, when there ain't nothing to do other than track down some spirits and grow some goodness...well that don't sound too bad to you does it?"(more)