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How long is hell? Those are the kinds of questions you ask when you're trapped. When you're trapped on an airplane, sandwiched between a  plump grandmother who won't stop asking you questions about your love life, and a bratty ten year old who constantly snickers and gives the attractive flight(more)
How long is this snake? We've only just met and he's acting like an arsehole. Judging by his demeanour I'd say about 2 feet. Overcompensating.
I'm at this club and this guy comes over with a friend and tells me to stop eyeing his girl. I try to diffuse(more)
how long is long when
the universe is only
billions of years old
How long is a day
When a day is all you have
Not quite long enough
I looked out of the windshield from the back seat of our well-worn minivan. Mom looks tired, yet extremely tense. She gritted her teeth and clenched the steering wheel as if it was her last earthy possession. Mallory cried for her bottle from the seat next to me, as(more)
How long is the fold that ceases to be,
Forward in mind and outside your being?
When you take up the silence of all things,
Bind them to your life and see how it sings.
Now walk or stagger over the hollow,
The torn, the stagnant, and those who(more)
"I'm sick of winter." Edward sat with both his elbows in the window's frame, glaring out at the bluster of snow spiraling furiously past. "It's almost fuckin' April, this is goddamn ridiculous."

"Mm." Kenshin rinsed another plate in the sink, only half-listening, as Edward had been on this(more)