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"Hot enough for ya?"
People ask this to make conversation,
to connect, to be polite.
My answer: No, never.
The sun should work harder,
like it does elsewhere (more)
Her stinging eyes jostled up and down with each step. The pony tail flicked at her neck.  It's 12 hours in and she's still making 7 minute miles across the shimmering desert floor.

  It's hot enough to desiccate a watermelon and  utterly windless. Still she keeps running.

it was hot enough
to burn your name on my heart
ice is now forming
Is it hot enough to melt the ice & watch it's water flow? Is it hot enough? I think so.
Was it hot enough you ask?

The sidewalk cracks emitted steam like fissures from Hell.
You had to carry icepacks just to walk in the shade for fear of dehydration.
Dogs and cats gave each other tongue baths to keep cool in the midday sun.
Every car throughou(more)