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He dug into her history, pouring over posts and likes and tweets, searching for some validation that the flawless, fabricated image of his paramour was in fact reality. All he found were snippets of her personality, stinging him like daggers, focused shocks to the heart.

"trying to be(more)
A candle burning soft.
Long tongues of flame licking
the belly of the night.
Hopes or dreams or thinly veiled wishes
have long forgotten me.
My mind races and halts at random stops (more)
I sometimes wonder
what would happened
if the hope had escaped from
pandora's box

Is hopelessness in chaos (more)
        Damned fools should have taken heed of the instructors' directions to stay clear of the steep cliff, but these stubborn and exhausted teens refused to march another few hundred feet to a safe distance away from the loose rocks and boulders looming perilously overhead and lear(more)
Hope is a funny thing. It doesn't seem to be particularly useful or admirable. It is by definition a passive act, a desire for a certain outcome without any definitive action.

Of course, it can be lumped into the same category of thinking as prayer and wishing an(more)
I hope you know a guy who can get us out alive. Who can light fires in the dark. Who can punch 'em off till they're black and blue. Who will say no lie too smart, nor speak easy truths. Cause this is a moment I could use a(more)
Hope is a friend. A liberator and guardian.
Some mornings it greets me with a warm embrace and encouraging whispers. It shows me glimpses of who I want to be. It reminds me of who I need to be. It gives my life meaning.
And yet some days... (more)
I looked up, through the swirling dust of the ancient tunnel, and saw light. The end was near. There is still hope to make it. I heard more rustling, and several thumps, and knew that the tunnel was collapsing behind. The ancient wonders of the hidden city will never(more)
The winds howl, and the rain falls. I see you, palm against the window, shivering.The tears fall, you hope you can one day feel the rain again, fall on your hair, your face. The creaking downstairs never stops, as it grows louder, our hearts beat, and your rapid breath(more)
While I sat on the stool pondering the recent turbulent weeks of my life, while watching this little white ball, I couldn't help but think, 'Are some people just lucky or do we make our own luck?'.
It was difficult to come to any positive conclusion because the past(more)