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In the darkness, a light. Through the trees it shines, penetrating window-glass and crossing the vegetable patch until it just touches the edge of the trees, the boundary of our little interruption of the forest. It lightens my skin a little as I kneel there, catching my breath. (more)
The settlers arrived, eager to claim a new homestead.

They loosened the soil and began building, molding the land to their bidding. They worked quickly and tirelessly, striving to forge a place of safety, a place of prosperity, where the ample resources nearby would ensure their family could(more)
Alby sat astride a tree branch and kicked his bare feet. It was his favorite tree to climb, an old, solid thing that was still within line-of-sight of the house. Rian lounged against the old white railing, grateful for the fact the sun had passed and now the entire(more)
I'm seriously considering getting my own place. If I were a young adult, this statement would be “normal,” but I’m not.  I’m a mortgage holding woman, a tad bit over five decades into this thing called life, and I’m fed up with home, as I currently live and breathe it.   (more)
returned to the old
homestead or tried to but found
only a walmart