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Everyone got their cars repaired at Scottie’s. The first naked women I’d seen were at his garage. The walls were covered with calendars showing cuties in see-through robes and topless bikinis. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Still, even though I was only seven, I understood they were(more)
They danced for hours.  Their bodies were dripping with sweat as the rocked on each other's hips to the beat of the poison.  It roared through their veins and flashed with brilliant neon colors in their blind eyes.  The whole giddy mob moved like a swirling tornado and where the ecstasy of(more)
People always look at me funny when I tepl them about the fact that I've been doing a church tour. "Trying to find a new religion?" they like to ask me. Is it such a bad thing that I'm interested in how different people live their lives?
"Holy rollers, Batman."

Hidden under her own heavily coated lashes, Trix's eyes flicked to follow my gaze. We were secret agent men, but women--seeing everything at the mall and being seen by no one.

Trix snap-turned a page of *Sassy*. "Promise Number Four Hundred Sixty-Seven: when w(more)
I am Pit! The lone Angel. Sent by the Goddess Paultena to save the Earthly beings from the evil reign of Medusa! I'm ready to fight the Underworld Army and I have a vast array of weapons and equipment on my side!

Including Holy Roller Blades! Aren't they(more)
I jumped the wheel of the carriage, another missile dodged. She stared at me blankly. I thought it would impress her but of course my jeans fit too tightly in her opinion. Her fists held so firmly you could see her knuckles turning white from a mile  away. I trudged(more)
“Isn’t that a church full of holy rollers?” Grandma asked as we sat at the table. I couldn’t help it. Every time I heard that term the image that came to mind was church in a roller skating rink. Maybe that’s because I like roller skating better than shouting(more)
Mind numbing speed, dexterity...a flash of motion from the corner of the eye.  Beard and long hair whipping back and forth.  Robes of simple cloth almost but not quite being caught in the wheels as he speeds down the back-roads of his youth.  Taking some time to have a little thrill while(more)
My mama always taught me to respect my elders but every time some old fart spat out his wad of thick, dark, juicy tobacco onto my sitting corner, I want to scream. I would sit on the metal bench outside the old hardware store, and watch the old me(more)