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When we were kids we used to play until the sun hid behind the trees, play until our parents' calls echoed all around us, play until the world was dark and quiet and ours.

We had one hollow tree miles from home, wide enough so that at scrawn(more)
It had been there for as long as any of them could remember. Stiff bark that looked as though it would crumble in the wind, but stood firm. Nibs had told Wendy of the time that the Lost Boys had meant to strip the entire tree of its bark(more)
It looks so inviting, so dark and moist and crumbling with bits of soft, red wood. On the other hand, it probably has a variety of bugs, and maybe even a snake or two. It's too small for me anyway. I'll just sit down beside it; lean on the(more)
There is a hollow tree in the Idaho. An oak tree in fact; it has been there many years, too many to count. Now it sits there with rubbish inside it hollow innards, but this tree has a story. A beautiful story.
About 1800 the Shoshone tribe was in(more)
Inside a hollowed-out tree, one that had been left on the ground for years to rot after dying where it stood and being blown over in a windstorm, an ant and a beetle met on a field of battle.  They didn't know each other, at least not very well. The(more)
We would meet in the center of the woods, at the big, hollow oak tree that stretched up to the heavens and touched the sky. We'd crawl inside to our own little world, where we could watch the stars or the clouds pass over the little window the tree(more)
no tree is hollow unless it is dead.
It's been their special place for as long as she can remember. It was where they first met; underneath a vibrant green tree just blooming, both of the happy pair in the spring of their lives. In their summers, when the tree stretched its leaves to their fullest, they(more)
The knocking resonated through the tree.
"Did you hear that?"  She looked down at the small boy pressed up against the tree with a look of pure cute concentration etched into his face.
"Yeaaaaaah, but why did it sound weird?" he asked her.
"Well sweetie, it doesn't have the res(more)
It was late in the afternoon, Joe and I were hard at work. We would switch on and off, chop the tree with the ax until we were tired and then take a break and let the other person take over. Finally the hole was big enough to fit(more)
back and forth.

the silence,
thickens. (more)
two children passed by a hollow tree
empty on the inside, as they could see
dry as a raisin, thin as paper
there was no life left in this dying sleeper
the children were sad to see it go
this tree that had given them hope. (more)
for the unlicensed lumberjack
who hollows out trees
where their hearts are
because he cannot bear
to feel he is alone
come over tomorrow evening. there's going to be a meteor shower, and the willow tree in my back yard has this excellent nook in between the two largest branches.

it's more of a hollow, really, but i figure that if you don't mind feeling like hibernating animals w(more)
        Standing on wood. Looking around, he found it more appropriate to say they were standing on a vast tree. Sized enough that, were there life in the abyss, it should be a city. In the darkness it just gave off the same paranoid vibe that most of the abyss(more)