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I never played sports or got good grades. Even teachers disliked my smile, which was not sweetly childlike at all, only nervous and fey. I didn't have friends but I held elaborate notions in my head of being friends with the people in novels, or sometimes actually being those(more)
Sometimes people hold their breath in moments of panic. In others, it is done before a release of stress. In Juan's case, it was being done because water is a poor substitute for air.

Though, he had only heard about that fact. He never actually tested it. (more)
Cousteau always described the ocean as the warm embrace of the mother's womb.  You are now beginning to realize what a lying git that tosser of a frog is as you find yourself being dragged down to the bottom of the North Sea by the cinder block chained to your(more)
Danny was better than I was. At everything. Coach Thompson always let me know it too. He was the only one honest enough to tell me I wasn't as skilled as I thought. My parents had always told me I was perfect. I used to believe them. Then I(more)
We tried to hold it all the way through the tunnel. No one ever could, so we just settled for beating each other.

Time stumbled, lost its footing without the in-out-in of respiration. The tunnel lights smeared - we were all there together. Only competition kept us from(more)
It's the only effective way I've found for keeping the tears at bay. The familiar prickling begins in my nose and behind my eyes and I hold my breath and start counting backwards from 100 in multiples of four. 96, 92, 88... The tightness in my chest grows uncomfortable,(more)
Leading me now, into the dark, Capt. Hazelton kicked through the reef and motioned something I knew meant, "we're here." He pulled back some debris to reveal a cabin. I lowered down beside him to see what he saw. I soon realized it was not something he saw, but(more)
Hold your breath, sweet one,
This ride is gonna be quite rough,
Don't blink, you'll miss it

You're gonna find trouble,
In places you never thought- (more)
My step father raised me with the sink or swim philosophy. If I wanted to learn how to do something, it was always dive in head first and either succeed or fail. There was no middle ground, there was no dipping your toes in the water.  
There's nothing but white light and and emptiness above you but the bench supports your spine. You grip the iron bar above, staring past it without seeing, and strain to lift it. Your muscles writhe, something pulses in your temple as the fire spreads to your chest.
"Just on(more)
Count to three. Don't look up at him just yet. Try and unclench your fists from the balled-up lumps they are, clamped tight to the sides of your legs as you resist the urge to punch him in the gullet. Think of happy things: baby lambs, baby lambs gambolling(more)
Bite your tongue. Don't say anything. Don't let your thoughts seep out. They will only cut, stab, maim. She might deserve to be put in her place, but she certainly does not deserve to be hurt like that. Hold your breath if you must. Hold it until you pass(more)
"Hold your breath!" was the last thing Ankarra heard before the water rushed over her. She tried to find a grip somewhere, but her body was tumbling and she couldn't right herself. She hit a wall and the water pressure held her tight against it. She didn't know where(more)