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Four times a day,
we help you
get the words out.
Write in any genre in
300 words or less.
Hit publish.
Read. Be Read.
Write. Now.
every song you sing,
all those words you write just for me
late in the night
uncensored unplanned purged pieces of you
connected thoughts disconnected
and a peek into your tarnished soul, (more)
Some people say I have an unhealthy relationship with the written word. I simply say I tread the thin line between lust and love. I tiptoe carefully, hoping to fall to one side, daring to fall to the other.
I've always appreciated the power of words. Even as (more)
I'm stockpiling them
Everything I can collect
Until the day
That you decide to hear me out
And I can knock you right over
With the sheer force (more)
Her words have weight
Like they could anchor a ship.
How many drinks does it take
To turn memories to ash?
Now, that's some modern day alchemy for ya.
I hate that number below this text box. It's like a count down and once it hits 0, you are rendered mute. Your brain could be exploding with emotion, and wisdom and brilliance but you're still mute. Not that my brain is ever exploding with wisdom or brilliance, albeit(more)
Why am I hoarding my words for Top Pot Doughnuts? Because they pay to be represented on Typetrigger and you don't. Also, I want free doughnuts.

Top Pot Doughnuts. They still haven't given me any free shit.