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X says he will re-release his record by the end of summer, which he intends to convey as a joke to me and a serious announcement to Connie, who never saw it the first time, when it was packaged in a blue jewel case with an Avery label bearing(more)
I had heard of you like one hears of a disease
thinking it’ll never hit me
but it’s so stupefying
and what if it did?

You crept up on me so slyly (more)
Jose used to be a happy-go-lucky fifteen year old and only wanted to play soccer all day, but his family was always telling him what to do. Feeling the pressure from his parents and in-laws to make babies, Jose caved in a couple of years ago and made a(more)
"--thought we bloody had some," she practically shouted storming out of the freezer. I nodded sympathetically, hoping she hadn't asked a question.
"Mmmm," I said, ambiguously. She looked expectant, so I continued. "Yes, well. I hate to inconvenience you, but it has to be done, and you're the only(more)