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Ten years,
two houses,
four cars,
three dogs,
six cats, and
one child. (more)
She held me
up to that blistering
light and I swore I’d
commission my church
in the space where
Pompeii’s copper lovers (more)
"Okay, okay, I think I found a good one."

"Read it to me."

"He exhausted himself over her bronzed, glistening skin; his once throbbing member now lay tucked between them, sheltered by their mass of tangled limbs. They held each other in good faith that somewhere inside(more)
I can write a song or bake a cake
without batting an eyelash
downshift around an S-turn or beat you at chess
without cheating
hold a firefly in my hand without flinching
and live to tell the tale (more)
She'd been gone a long time, finding herself. She always wanted to sing pain like a slave song, and stroke shame like an artist, but these shades of blue come naturally. I always loved that wholesome side of you though. The side that you thought you'd left in the(more)
couple walking.
pinkies linked.
old companionship?
or last ductile thread
holding not much
of anything. (more)
Fingers outstretched, reaching against the coming gloom
we never quite make it, our lives swirling away in hidden whirlpools. She looks into my brown eyes, and I into hers green, and the moment lasts only long enough for the both of us to wish that for once, we'd held(more)
It was a requirement,
us standing there
in front of an audience we stare.

The rosy light blanketed the stage
our bare bodies unclothed and exposed (more)
It was stupid. We didn't belong together. We didn't really click, or work. She was older, but didn't act it.. She was kind. Not much more can be said.
It happened.... Its a mystery. Whenever I fall in love, which is often, mind, I cling so hard to sh(more)
And as that final wave crashed,
o'er the bow,
Into the ocean they splashed,
far below,
Together entwined at last,
They held each other.