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I am not heartless, just shy,
socially inept and awkward,
afraid and walled in,
heart thudding out of my chest
when confronted,
a rabbit, a coward, (more)
you scraped aside sinews,
pulled together a pattering pulse
in hopes of habitation behind the sternum, you thought
you could love and be made whole.
Some say that the end
is what justifies the means
I say that's heartless
some necessary
actions in life and romance
just appear heartless
i have built up this ruse, this facade, the cold bitch whose face is a mask and won't let anyone or anything touch her.
"you have no soul," they say. "ice queen," they jeer. some say it in jest, but some are dead serious.
even when my vulnerabilities show(more)

As Harold began to read the terms he was agreeing to through this procedure, he felt a strange pressure in his head, like a vein was about to pop. His senses flared a bit: the pages left a translucent red trail as he flipped(more)
The wall clock chimes 7.
He's in the process of getting dressed quietly, doing his best to maintain the silence. The only sound in the room is the shuffling of his shirt and the rhythmic sound of even breathing coming from the woman on the bed.
She stirs, a(more)
I'm on the set of a reality show, and the lights are pressing into me like warm knives. I'm dressed in a crisp suit, the kind of thing my father would never wear, and I'm on a couch next to the host. He grins like he doesn't know how(more)