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This itch won't go away,
It scratches at my skull.

It's more than pain,
More than grief,
It's defeat. (more)
James woke up in his bed and his head felt like it was imploding from the forehead inwards while his brain tried to escape via his throat.
"Uuunngh." He groaned. That just made his head hurt a whole lot worse.
"Oh, good, you're alive." (more)
My head hurts
I am mad about Q
I am currently ultimately fond of Will
And his dad
And Sebastian *pfft like forever*
And his master (more)
i checked out every. single. book. the tiny poulsbo library
offered on whales anticipating the best part of a trip to victoria, bc
(the aquarium!)
and poured over them in the car to the ferry in port angeles. my tiny tummy turned and the headache crept while on t(more)
A slow pulse begins in my third eye; moments later, quick stabs follow in the other two. The room spins as I try to stand. I stumble. I paw for the floor, scraping knees on carpet strands making ditches in my soft white skin. I climb back up, tripping(more)