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He smelled like a penny because he was rolled in blood and the red dirt of the hill.

The shin of his right leg stung broken plod by crooked plod across the rock into the ocean.
He smelled like the sun
That shined upon her face
A bright new beginning
The start of the race

He smelled like the roses (more)
Harry's nose twitched and my eyes followed him, noting the irritated redness of it, and the jagged, hopeless fluttering of his eyelids as he rattled the ice around in his empty scotch glass.

"The fuck you hopped up on?" (more)
he smelled like October the third.
rain dipping down green hills on a cold autumn night, mud and grit squelching beneath his boots. the smell of ozone and dirt,  overflowing river and of damp cornstalks, of sun-warmed pavement cooled by night and dark and wet.
he smelled like electricity. t(more)
      The smell that was emitted from this one man's body told dividends about him. The scents were that of the most masculine delights. Hints of pine, oak, and the hardest of liquors wafted from the entirety of his person.  The liquors that lingered upon him were not too strong, but(more)