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    Jen looked over at her friend in disgust. "I /so/ hate you," she said, watching Amanda lick the chocolate icing from her fingertips.
    Amanda eyes grew wide, as blue as glimmering aquamarines, and shoved her fingers into her mouth. She made a slurping sound as she sucked th(more)
I wish I could hate you. 
For what you've done, what you're still doing. 
Oh, I WISH I could hate you. 
Maybe it's your blood, running through your veins, through mine. Though I don't think so. I can hate him and his blood is my blood is your blood.(more)
I don't hate you
I hate what you hide
Your verdict on others
Without stepping into their shoes
And without thinking of your antagonism.
"I hate you, Mama!" The door slammed shut and I shook where I stood, my right hand resting on a dining chair. My two other children were silent until the youngest stood, her own chair scraping on the tiles.

"I'll......go see what's wrong." Alice's eyes were wide at(more)
i don't hate
i hate things
fictional characters
but not people (more)
i do not hate you
i'd just rather live alone
for a while in peace
I don't even want to speak your name. I hate it. It makes my heart race, makes rational thought impossible. It sounds like golden rings, and the bluest blue that even the summer sky envies. It sounds like protection in the form of strong arms from this simple and(more)
Just because it’s cliché doesn’t make it any less true.  The “line” between love and hate is thin.  It’s so thin that the thick of everyday life will—if you’re not careful—have you easily overlook the demarcations. (more)