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That feeling when your stomach is in your chest - back down - in your chest - back down. I couldn't get enough of it as a child. From a rope, from a branch, from the swing-set in my friends yard. The best part of it was the letting(more)
Happy endings?
Are you high?
a vanilla cupcake with funfetti frosting.  supersized.

We know all the happy endings in books, TV, Disney movies, broadway musicals, cartoons, magazine articles, puppet shows, and shitty slash fanfiction.
We've also heard that there are no happy endings in real life.
But we've never heard that there are no endings. (more)
"I don't know what you expected to happen here."

"I guess I expected that you guys would do something to help. This is all out of control and I expected the good guys to do something about it." Jason looked out to the screens that surrounded him in(more)
I don't understand people who don't believe in happy endings. I understand that bad things happen. Believe me, I do. I've been there. Had my heart crushed, world torn down and turned inside out. Hell, for a long time, I had really intense suicidal tendencies. And if I'm being(more)
I look at you, and I wonder if happy endings do really exist.

You've been around a couple of times and boy, do you have stories to tell! Even years after I've heard them, they still make me chuckle. . .

You're rather vibrant and enthusiastic, and(more)
Momentum is everything. Like a pendulum, the chains crinkle as the child shifts her weight with each swing. The wind combs through her hair, just like her mother used to brush her hair before bed. The air cradled her like her father used to when he put her to(more)
Happy endings?
That makes me laugh. I'm not sure what happy endings are. I don't believe I've had one myself.
I think I would like to have one someday though.
It seems like a nice idea.
Ready to leave for date as he comes over with flowers, but it rains and he sees that I am sad, no matter, our hands clasp in the dark with happy endings.
She lived for a happily ever after. It was everything to her. One day her prince would come, the shoe would fit, and off she would go to a new and happier life. She closed her eyes and dreamed of a better end.

But when she opened he(more)
Happy endings. Isn't that what everyone wants? A nice sunset that they can quietly ride into? That's the dream, isn't it?

For some people.
Old Yeller. A classic. My awakening to the fact not every story ends in a happy ending. Travis, forced by frontier hardship to be a man, must put a bullet in his best friend, his mind ravaged by sickness. I was always grateful it only took one shot, no(more)
Subject: *** WANTED - Happy Ending(s) ***

Dear Universe, after trying all the other dating sites, I'm going to give Craigslist the last shot at creating a happy ending for me!
Happy endings are what happen in the storybooks.

"So you want to be in love like the movies...but in the movies they're not in love at all"

Reality ain't full of happy endings.  And good riddance, if you ask me.  Reality is much more awesome than happy endings.  Happy endings(more)