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tempt me to your side
beckon & tease
cause my eyes wide
as curl that finger
through the breeze
to taunt my hide (more)
He smells like he’s been sleeping in the gutter, and Lovino isn’t exactly sure that wasn’t the case when he looks at dark purple bruises along the man’s arm and messy platinum hair. Gilbert just smiles cockily at him, like he doesn’t know he looks like complete and utter(more)
I thought it carried all the evaporated then condensed in the clouds tears of all the seven billion people in the world
- who had reason to cry, at least, but a baby has reason to cry, because he or she needs milk or food or rest or(more)
He's got his hands around my waist, sniffing in my hair just to tell me it's "okay."

There's the smell of curry and rice drifting in from the kitchen, stomach growling in protest as I try not to dry heave or make him feel bad. His emotions are(more)
it took me a long, long time
                                            ((a year and a half)) (more)
Gutters are always a problem. Around the perimeter of your roof, they often collect leaves and "stuff" that makes water hard to flow through them to the downspouts. Gutters on copy mean you haven't been real careful editing your copy and a sentence just doesn't look good with a(more)
Alcohol monologues
Told to street curb gutters
Police cars screaming
Obscenities from
Blacked out alleys