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The End II

"Oh, oh, Death."

The singing voices faded to a sigh.
"I don't know where to go from here," I said to the last Horseman. He continued straddling his white bicycle, and I continued looking foolish - holding a plate of pie while(more)
Lesser known than his brother, Han, Guitar Solo in is a band that plays in Mos Eisley. He plays the fiddle.
"Jake, it's now or never!"

Jake looked around at his friends. They were all starting to lose the beat. Everythig was going out of control. The opposing band, The Necromancers, were dominating their music, and they were surrounded. It wouldn't be long before their music was ended. (more)
"...aaaaaaaand then he pulled out a guitar"

"You're kidding!"

"I'm really not. Honestly, this dude expects me to fall head over heels for him because he pelted rocks at my window at one in the morning and crooned these awful sappy songs at me. I'm just, he(more)
The guitar tells a story
Unlike anything I've heard.
The notes dance on my heart
Like ballet butterflies, flitting along,
Teasing and tantalizing
Until they're sure I'm hungry for it. (more)
And then there was the guitar --

A single, shimmering, hesitant note sounded through the air, as though asking permission.

Silence followed. . . . (more)
The vision enchanted me as much as the sound.  My family gathered on a porch on the island listening to my uncle Tito play his acoustic.  Its wood felt orange as the sound reverberated through it.  Around the hole into the chamber was a dark ring, some sort of celtic knot tying(more)
I am
sitting at the window when
the sunlight pierced my eyes
the boredom screaming from the street side
the traffic, in my mind.
Gilbert likes to pretend that he can play guitar, but Lovino’s sure he’s never held a real guitar in his life. He just remembers rolling his eyes when the man decided to do air guitar solos in the kitchen after drinking a few beers, complete with obnoxious sound effects.(more)
I keep having this idea in my mind. It plays itself over and over. It plays itself like a mini short film, only 30 seconds long.  I'm in a bar, one of those swanky Irish bars, where the bartender already knows your drink and whether your gonna have sex that(more)
I don't know why, but I think the guitar solo is the best part of a song. When all the intruments do their last note, and then we hear this magic silence. It's not even a second long, but if you take your time and pay attention, you'll hear(more)
Never play a guitar solo for Moonlight Sonata at an avid punk concert. Things go all sorts of wrong. James came to me before he went on, said he was planning on doing something special. I told him it better not be one of those punk suicides. That had(more)
"Jeff, slow down."

Jeff lifted his foot a little and the Taurus eased back to seventy two. He kept his eyes straight ahead, knuckles white on the wheel.
People sit around and wait for the train.  Wait for the show to begin, or wait for the party to start.  Some guy at the party, usually a guy, will have his guitar with him.  Eventually he starts strumming, just playing a few chords before he pulls out all the stops and(more)
We came for one thing.  The guitar solo.  Mick's guitar solo.  He was the best guitarist in the best band appearing at the all day festival.  It was 4 hours into the show before they came onstage.  They played "Chestburster" of course, then "Aloha from Hell", and finally, w(more)