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It catches me a little off guard when she asks it: "what did you want to be when you grew up?"

What did you. We're all grown up now; bona fida adults, sitting on the balcony of the place I've made a home. I keep it neat and(more)
You sit in your old man's recliner, wishing he is here to see this day. You feel the scratchy cotton that has come out of the stitches of the recliner; it feels all too familiar. In the middle of the room, Mother is prancing around excitedly, huffing and fussing(more)
I remember when I grew up and it was only yesterday.  Everyday I grow up a little more.  I learn some lessons and I make some mistakes.  The day after, these mistakes will be lessons learned and I will make more mistakes for tomorrow's class.  It's a continuous cycle that moves one s(more)
Uh. What a terrible thing to think about.
Growing up.

What exactly quantifies someone as "grown" anyway?

A house? (more)
some people may think growing up is from ages 0-18. but in reality, everybody is constantly growing up. everybody has new experiences, learns new things. and that's what growing up is.
The moment
you realise
you are larger than the sum of your thoughts
and the lions you have fought.
The sun slipped under the hill as I spend my last night under my parents roof. Tomorrow I'd be under a new roof. Our roof.  

My head on the pillow, the purple twilight fills the room with long ago voices.  

"Martha, are you asleep?"  
"No." My fri(more)
The wrangler adjusted his wide brimmed hat. He poked it up just a little bit to open his vision. The sun was hot and sweat dripped down his brow onto his eye lid. He blinked and the hot, salty tear stung his eye. He squinted his eyes and he(more)
Well, this is it, I thought to myself, legs hanging over the edge of the fire escape, I'm eighteen tomorrow. I'm eighteen and I have to fully devote my life to something I'm not even sure I'm ready to commit to. I'm eighteen and I'm actually going to have(more)
When you'd rather have a gift card for William Sonoma than for Gamestop
Her mother is stern and black-hearted- no not a religious woman, but enough of a saint to rip your heart out at the mention of a voice in your head. She trusts no one and keeps her house pristine.

Abigail hates her. (more)
Everybody is going out, having fun. And I'm here, in my way-to-hot room. If only my parents knew the things I want... 'It is forbidden! You are a girl!' Haha, not today mom! 'You cannot go out with those pants! People can see your ankles!' Haha, not today dad!(more)