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There is an illuminated canvas on the wall. There is nothing above it. There is nothing beside it. There is nothing below it. There is just the canvas of greenish-blue, slick and gleaming from paint not-yet dried. You walk towards it, the soft padding of your feet echoing cavernously(more)
The walls shone a haunting white.  Blank, just like your expression.  They will forever remind me.

We commonly parallel green with jealousy... green eyed monster.  And, my dear, you were a beast.  

Like a artist jacked up on some intense drug, you splattered my worl(more)
It had been approximately four days, six hours, and twenty-three minutes since I last saw her wrinkled smile. The one with the chipped incisor and the lopsided lips. The smile that I used to run to when I was running from everything. It hadn't sunk it yet, if you(more)
It's stupid that humans think we as a race mean anything, and especially stupid that most of us think we mean more (to whom or what, I don't know) than other animals. We throw them onto a cruel assembly line without mercy or dignity as if they were lower(more)
I did it on the Thursday night of a four day weekend. No one knew I had an extra copy of the office keys from that one day last year when they made me open up early. All it took was moss from some rocks in the park, two(more)
   Not being Irish I have one gallon can of green paint. So every year on Saint Patriarch Day I paint the stand that holds up my mail box green. Where my home is, is not exactly in an Irish neighborhood, so when I se a neighbor coming over(more)