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The patio was cold and wet, but he stayed out there anyways, staring out into the woods with his cup of coffee and his dressing gown and all the trappings of civilization, vain and ineffective and helpless against the primeval power embodied in the wood.
What a wood it(more)
Sometimes I am reminded that I will never be safe, really; things will never be O.K.

It will be something innocent. A thing that shouldn't stand out so much. The square of sky at the faraway end of a highway. White clouds boiling across a whiter sun. Th(more)
greatest loss is of dignatity and of childhood....wrong or right it was tor from these hands like it was any other.helpless I flail in the tide that binds logic and sync....*sigh* "as the beast listens to dio and feels sick an real" drunk and painful he battles light and(more)

We saw the changes in my mom coming, slowly but inexorably. Her body, her mind, the qualities that defined her had begun to slip away.  

She began to repeat herself. Some family members didn’t want to believe it meant something. I knew it did, because I was wit(more)