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C, B, C, A, D, B, he quickly filled in on the bubble sheet. He sighed, and watched his college aspirations fly away as the proctor took the SAT booklet from him. His parents were going to kill him if he had to go to community college, they had(more)
The Riddler wants to question you, and know what's in your head.
Everything's a laughable joke, until The Riddler makes you dead..!
Everything sounded muffled, everything hurt, and Martin knew that nothing would be alright.  

Whomever had knocked him out had tied a bag over his head, one that stifled his breathing every time he started to hyperventilate. And when you've been kidnapped and bound, you tend to hyperventilate quite(more)
A killer is someone we often describe as someone who kills other human beings, but has it ever come to mind that in a way we are all killers? Dave is a killer, but unlike most psychopathic serial killers, he's rather quite regular. He's your average guy, except he(more)
'Your guess is as good as mine, son', he says to me. 'I dunno why any of this stuff be happenin' and if things will ever go back to what they were b'for. '

I nod in reply, and gaze out over the lonely, burning fields. No sig(more)