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    His whisper was a song, words so ancient the earth trembled at its timbre and the golden mountain of man tumbled upon their greed. The fields beyond had long been watered with blood- the blood of covetous hearts and tainted intent. It dripped down, down through rock and soil,(more)
'15 minutes. It's all I'll give this blank page.'
My eyes keep looking at the clock. Moment of pauses are filled with the endless 'tick tick.'
'No. I will not stop this time. I've been doing this my whole life. Overthinking. Covering this trail to the golden mountain wit(more)
blue sky, summer sun.
dry grass and poppies cover
a golden mountain.
His nose drips, stains red on starched sheets, and he starts to forget.
What is the golden mountain that people always mention. It has interested me since I was a child but have never had the success in discovering its location.

One day as I traveled, I got the thinking about its making and maybe its just a figure of these(more)