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"I just don't understand how you got t-to that price," stuttered Mr. Lehman.

I couldn't make out much in the faded, flickering red light of the underground lobby, but even with my limited vision, I couldn't help but feel a small twinge of pity for Mr. Lehman. (more)
i fell in love with hollywood skies and glittering oceans
picturesque movies and flowery words to mask polluted waters
it wasn't until much later
i moved to california to pursue some good-for-nothing boy
i actually saw the sun
setting over water
it is nothing like the flashing images in(more)
gold sunset with lime
green spot and ray above it
known as the green flash
As he walked past the scattered bodies , with his muscles on the verge of breaking down and melting into the bloodied landscape. He kept thinking of the glory that would be bestowed upon him once he reached the very top of the mountain.
I watched the gold sunset above me. I bathed in its incandescence, absorbing its warmth and closing my eyes to fully appreciate the star's soothing effect on me. As it lowered itself, sinking beneath the mountains on the horizon, I sighed deeply. It's bittersweet, the moment the sun drops(more)