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I met Neil Gaiman today. I couldn't speak when he touched my book to sign it. If my heart isn't made of glass, it must be made of something infinitely more fragile.
Richard's hands shook as he slowly opened the bedroom door. His wife sat at the open window, shivering in her sheer nightie. Her dull hair hung in limp strands and the moonlight hollowed out her already pale and gaunt face. "Suzanna, I'm..." "You're what?" "I've got to..." I'm leaving(more)
it isn't your fault
you were born with a heart of glass
just as it is not mine
that i was born with a tongue of fire

i never meant to melt you (more)
Glass heart, huh? Y'see, the thing about glass is, it's not one of those things that gets stronger when it's pieced back together. It just becomes more fragile. Eventually, a glass heart will be broken enough until it is nothing but dust.
There was a peculiar sense of importance over this particular object. The other items in the exhibit all seemed like meaningless distractions compared to this object, this "Glass Heart". It was placed squarely atop a pedestal, waist high, in the middle of the room. It was clear that this(more)
The Unixorda (a sub species from the planet of Iopia) have been known to reach a somewhat crystallized state in the womb. These fantastic creatures are glass from head to toe. Soft fragile tissue can be seen through the glass only to find glass organs as well! One of(more)
Silver, pulsing bands of light shot out into the featureless grey plains of the DDMZSM, the Digital Demilitarized Zone Seattle Metroplex.

Veins, throbbing with data leaving the hub, headed towards the Freeside servers. The ICE was broken, the core of corporate data exposed and vulnerable.

Here, in(more)
I'm not blaming God
neither you

But I,

I'm certain (more)
She pondered him
And clutched her chest
Her heart pounded
Beneath her breast
Hardest question
Will you be mine (more)
James closed the old,massive Victorian door with a quiet click;his long coat almost getting caught in the way.

He was carrying a tray with cups of tea and some oil.
She worries
that if she freezes all the way through
her heart will expand

too much. (more)
The Children of the Forest would often play on a field made of glass. Some were clumsy and dimwitted and would fall upon their ass. The glass was hot like molten rock but the children paid no heed. For their love affair with everywhere would place them in their(more)
The moment her heart stopped beating the clock's hands pointed evil at me. Mocking me with the ghost of her breath. This would be the last moon I would ever see.
The Sunday morning crowd at Starbucks entered in fits and starts around 6 AM. Sal walked in without her husband. No one said anything, perhaps he slept in for some reason. Each bought their drinks and settled into their usual chairs that time had assigned to them. As the(more)
All he could see were the overhead lights of the boxing arena. A hand kept coming in an out of his periphery. "One…two…three…four," the ref was saying.  The crowd was going crazy. His coach came over. He spoke into the middleweights ear, "kid, I always told ya, ya had the(more)