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It's very tempting sometimes to throw my hands in the air and walk away.
From everything.
From everybody.
It is true you know,what they say about birth order and middle-children. That whole"go along to get along"thing is the usual definition for this middle-child.
But not always.
I ha(more)
He jolted awake as the pebble struck his window with a loud bang. Dismissing it as his imagination, he turned to gather the blankets over him, and nestle down into the pillow for a try at a hopefully more dreamless sleep, but an even louder bang from the window(more)
Give it up. He wouldn't ever say it to her like that--at least partly because that would totally ruin his chances--but also that would be so crude, so rude, and it wouldn't represent how he feels about her, really.

Yeah, he does. He wants her to give it(more)