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I'm not a morning person. So when they schedule me for the first shift at work I have to get up early. Early enough to crawl my way out of the soft embrace of covers and pillows. Early enough to trudge up the stairs towards the bathroom in the(more)
A moon in the blue
of an afternoon sky,
so pale as to hardly be seen,
faded and weary.
Did it get up too early,
or is it only out late?
Oh, it's 6 a.m I need to get up and get ready.
I need to make and pack my kids lunch and my own.
I need to hustle to work or I'll be late.
I barely made it to work on time; I always barely make it.
Get up early
And see the sun rise
Giving hope to the world
get up early and
watch the sky turn pale white then
pale blue every day
I wanted to bomb every bird's nest there was.  

Sunlight streaked through the room, highlighting the dust motes that were clearly visible, floating about in the air.  The early morning chirping of the birds roused me from my  peaceful slumber and I had a hell of a time trying to(more)
That's what I plan to do tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow, the best time for all things new. Because whatever today could have been is long gone. Bleached out in a bath of plastic smiles, sweaty collared shirts, bumper to bumper traffic, and dog vomit. But tomorrow is somehow alway(more)
"That cannot be the alarm," Gotou's voice was drowsy and buried in the pillow behind Masayoshi's head. He was hoping desperately that he was hallucinating the buzzing phone - but it was out of reach, cleverly plugged in on the other side of the room, requiring someone to stagger(more)