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"Go get your jammies on and chose a book."

"NO! I want to watch someone die," wailed my 4-year-old daughter. I insisted that I had no videos of dying people on my computer, but she shrieked: "YES YOU DO! JUST TYPE IT IN AND SEARCH!"

My goo(more)
I was angry. The words you were using had so much hate and insult behind them. Your mind is empty of emotions though, full of something else. Intelligence takes precedent over emotion in your mind. You think it s because you are a better being, though in reality it(more)
All there is
is the pounding of hearts
the most jagged of breaths
shrieking muscles, shrieking tendons
eyes watering in the cutting wind
diaphragms squeezed tight in palpitating fear.
Both of us were trapped, and neither of us could help the other. I now faced my worst fears. He now faced his worst enemy. I fought the mental battle, and he fought the physical.

Shaking, I stood unmoving as the furthest reaches of my mind threw fea(more)
All of us in the war wondered what it would be like to die. There was no right answer.

Some, like Charlie, went out quickly. A bullet through the brain, a bright burst of pain, and then the After.

Randy was not so lucky. His death was(more)
Lost in the wrinkles of his mind, she knew she would never mean enough to him. He swallowed all his love each night, debating the wrongs of the world or clicking away on his ancient typewriter. Riding waves of cheap whiskey, genius would sprawl across the page. For hours(more)
I wandered through the blue light of dawn, my mind a foggy shroud. I felt In knew where I was, in fact I'd passed through these streets many times. I paid no attention to the passing buildings and the few early stirrers and workers of the morning.
My lucidity(more)
I've tried to walk out
of my mind
I've tried to find ways
to get out
and remain as myself
as I touch the rapidly changing world (more)
Sometimes I think of him.
I wonder, I worry.
Trapped in his mind, it's grim.
And it's all so blurry.

Can I help him be revived? (more)
It's hard to think of us
alone on this rock;
spinning, spiraling.
Just a black and blue contusion
on the edge of the cosmos.
Then I see that red outline on your ass. (more)
For Jason Wright, death was not an option. As the First of the Centurion Rangers, dying would not only set a bad precedent for any future rangers to come, but it would sully the otherwise perfect name around their organization. If he were to die, then who knows what(more)
It was silent. Not the kind of silence where there wasn't anyone talking, but rather as if there was nothing. As if you were in a middle of nowhere. So you could understand why I was so shocked when  someone-err-thing had just been there the whole time I was there.(more)
i am alive, i think. or maybe not.
what is alive? a term i must define
my heart will sometimes sink from things i've thought,
and other times, the sun it will outshine.
I have to get out alive
I'm all alone
I must get in a car and drive
Away from my past
And towards my present
It's all gone by way to fast (more)
If I tried to get out alive I might find I'm already dead inside.
If you tried to get inside tonight the firefight just might light the sky so bright.

Though we've seen the sight of empty space flight, (more)