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He came alive in the dark hours of the day, thrived at night. The moon clung to his skin and shadows danced in his eyes. Quiet ran through his veins instead of blood. He was made of moonbeams and starshine.

Birds chirped to wake her. Sun rays dyed(more)
It was such a long and dreary winter for the small town of Holy Cross. Sitting downstream from a glacier in the shadow of a dozen jagged summits, it was the story book Alpine village isolated from the real world. Here, away from the eyes of outsiders, villagers welcomed(more)
She's shifting from side to side in bed. She's in that presence of limbo between the dull pain of reality and the fantasy of her dreams. She sees a co-worker, what is he doing here? and then her sister --twenty pounds lighter than she was two weeks ago. (more)
Its to fucking bright
I was up all night
and have been awoken by this blight
and i may cause fright
because i'm screaming bloody shite
full sunlight and most
animal on animal
feeding done for now

They say you project your feelings onto other people. The way you perceive them, the way you react to them, the way you feel when they are around and bring the full force of their feelings with them. They force you to see the flaws in yourself,(more)
All was going to plan. From my nook in the sheer wall, I had watched the caravan retreating into the canyons from the desert, fleeing the coming sunrise. I had given the sign. In the half-light within the warren, my comrades had moved to block the canyon that led(more)
"The tags say full sunlight... but, Auriel, this is a pitch-black room! There isn't even a light switch in here."

"I know."