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Ching... Ching... Ching ching ching ching--it was a magical sound-- coins raining down into the metal tray. I stood against the wall watching her quickly scoop them into a large plastic cup. She grabbed my hand and pulled me through the isles. Washed sound of coins in stereo, synthetic(more)
Stacked ceiling high
grime caked lovers
waft their sour odor
out of my open heart

there is barely enough space (more)
evil trifecta
they take our cash then spend it
house full of liars

"...I'm worried about you."
Jina glanced at Johnny's face as they walked. The top of the sky was darkening.
"Why?" she asked.
"Because this guy, whatever, he's being weird." Johnny's dark eyebrows were drawn together.
They stopped in front of the old house, their hous(more)
the old woman lived alone, but her house was crowded with  the past.  she had outlived parents, siblings, husband, children, and friends.  their memories all moved in, haunting her with blame and judgment.  she heard their incessant chatter in hallways and closets, around the dining (more)
I don't want to write about the TV show *Full House*, but I can't fight it anymore.

I don't want to sing the theme song for ABC's weekly block of "family-friendly" sitcoms, but...The only resistance I can muster is to add those quotation marks (family friendly according to(more)