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"Is it supposed to be erotic?"

"No, it's supposed to be a dessert."

She looked at me cross and I fought the urge to say no pun intended. We didn't need anything else making us feel like we were in a bad sitcom. The chocolate treat in(more)
He was dressed to the nines.  Multicolored saddle shoes, a pin striped vest with a brilliant white shirt underneath, his clean pressed pants fit around his hips and hugged his bottom nicely.  Super cute boyish face.  He looked simply scrumptious.  

Then I noticed something a(more)
I followed the sounds of shouting coming from the kitchen.
"Fuck." I muttered under my breath as I recognized my husband's voice yelling about the situation in the Middle East.
My Mother was in the kitchen. (more)
It was cold yet again and I had to get the all the frost off my car windshield. It was the end of a new day for the math class that I was teaching. Ha! Spring semester most people think is warm and cuddly, but not here. Spring semester(more)