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    I suspected the woodmaker was not truly a woodmaker, but a spy. The way he watched me when I fumbled around his shop, running my hand over the wooden toys- the horses and dogs and houses built in miniature- he seemed to be plotting my demise. His left eye(more)
the pencil was under the table, the pencil which Baby Bear put up his nose. It rolled between the chair legs.

"are you going to get that?"
Fragmented fractal radiance hints at the holographic whole. An intelligence is evident in the spiraling implications of any sliver. Pattern recognition extrapolates an integrity, “future pixels in factories far away.” Not a solid, but a super cooled liquid, giving the impression of particularity where a wave ripples th(more)
In abstract absolution, the man sat in silence. A plethora of sycophantic similes bounce in and around his mind. Whispering words full of acidic intentions corrode this mans mind.
Can he free himself?
From a splinter, from a crack, this man shows his desperation in trembling eyelids. This m(more)
once a splinter group
homo sapiens has become
the majority
"They don't abide by the treaty because they are from a splinter group. They denounce both us, and the patriarchy, which makes them excessively dangerous."

Uncle Roman chewed on his pipe some more, while Maple frowned, thumb running along the length of her staff.

"But their abiliti(more)