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Life is fleeting, my friend.

You can either grap hold and be taken for a ride, or you can lead a life of mediocrity.

There is nothing more wholly terrifying then thinking about leading a life of mediocrity.  It terrifies me to write the words mediocrity, because I(more)
My stomach growls and beckons me, the hunger of a growing child screams inside an enfeebled adult husk. I lazily open my eyes, and reluctantly force myself awake and roll out bed like a burlap sack of potatoes. Dragging my feet around as if my bed sheets were shackling(more)
She had walked through this forest a thousand times, and knew its intricacies as well as the back of her wrinkled hand. She knew where these ancient elms -their limbs swaying in the gentle breeze - ended; where the oaks and the Sycamores began. They were waving farewell.
The Caparbells were of a nobel ancestral line with money and titles abound. From those ancient times they were known to be great and humble warriors and not least of all for their striking beauty. Nowadays it was only beauty that came to mind.  
Hedra Caparbell, the last of(more)
Today I learned to love, today I learned to smile. Today I woke up alone, but in someone else's heart. Though space may draw us farther apart, and words attempt to tear across more distance... Our gazes bridge the gap. I will not waste my time, my moments are(more)
If only we hadn't frittered away all of our time. Before, we had too much of it to pay heed to how valuable it is - now we have too little to think about it. Oh, the irony. How many hours, nay, days, we spent playing video games, and(more)