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It starts down deep
inside my soul
ice sliding slow through my veins
feelings frozen intentionally
because I don't trust you (more)
Opening the door to my closeted self, I was hit with a frigid blast of choice. Aligned on color coded hangers each body stood only inches apart. I slid them from side to side, the hanger dragging along the wooden pole, scratching my flow like a spinning record manipulated(more)
She walked down the catwalk with a terse look about her face. No emotion. No expression. They were not allowed to smile. This was about the clothing. “Let it hang,” he said. “I want people to see what I have made. Not you. Not your body. Nothing but the(more)
It was so frigidly cold that I was so relieved to see a shop, I entered it without looking around.

I kept my head down, mouth and nose lost in the folds of my scarf, rubbed my gloved hands together, and bounced to get the blood moving.   (more)
His hands were freezing. Shockingly, no-gloves-in-the-snow, washing-clothes-in-cold-water-for-hours freezing. The commander felt the inexplicable urge to warm the methuselah's hands up, which only led to the discovery of his whole body being cold. Unnaturally--but surely reversibly--cold.

"You're not... you haven'(more)